"...a word moves the spirit,                                     a sound touches the soul."

Meet Ralph "Mr. Light" • Laserharp

The pianist, composer and producer charms his audience with his unusual instrument

the Laserharp

  The virtuoso, who co-developed his Laserharp plays this instrument

with the light touch of a pianist.


His vision was more that just combining music and light:


Ralph "Mr. Light" plays live music with beams of light


With his Laser harp, he covers a wide range of genres

such as pop, lounge and classical to great effect,

as the highlight of a gala evening or as a special appearance

in a more intimate setting.


The public at large have seen him on TV on "Germany's Got Talent"

or at the Berlin Cathedral, where he performed his own composition,


Hymn of the Light


on his Laserharp

accompanied by pipe organ and rock band.


And here's how this unusual harp,

which has become Ralph's signature instrument, works:


Eight laser beams stretch from the floor up into the sky,

every time one of the beams is touched, the instrument produces a sound.

And what's more: Apart from the usual, neon green laser beams, 

Ralph is able to produce ans color combination.


By touching the beams, he produces cosmic, groovy sounds

and enchanting melodies for lounge-atmosphere,

light-sound installations and enthralling show highlights.



A lasting musical-visual experience!