1 x current on stage (Electricity for the Laserharp)

1 x current back stage (Electricity for the Laptop)

1 x Stereo (2x DI Boxes) - usually the symmetrical outputs on the audio interface work fine, DI box as safety backup


I will bring my own In Ear Wireless Set, Sennheiser EW 300 IEM, 516-558MHZ if this frequency band will be allowed during the event


otherwise : Wireless In Ear Set or 2 x Wedges (Stage Monitors, mixed in STEREO)


1 hazer e.g. Smoke Factory Tour Hazer II-S oder look Unique

1 fog machine & vent - both dmx adjustable


  • The distance between the Laserharp and the location for the laptop that drives the harp must not exceed 12 meters
  • Appropriate stage setting with rain and wind protection
  • Appropriate P A System
  • The location must be able to disarm the fire alarm during the performance, because of the haze.
  • We will adjust positioning and settings of the Hazers during setup/soundcheck
  • rollrisers have to be at least 2x2m and need to be checked during setup/soundcheck



Ralph Light Technical Rider• indoors
Ralph Light TR outdoors.pdf
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